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Color Light Therapy has been around since the Egyptians and the Greeks who had healing light temples for people to use colors with the sunlight to heal their bodies! Be healthy with Light! Learn how to bring down your child’s fever, say good by to depression, fight sinus or respiratory issues or the flu!!

You will be amazed at the history of where Color Therapy has been and how it is moving into the Medical field as well! There are a variety of Color Therapy methods from Photobiology, Heliotherapy, Iridology, Chromotherapy, Spectro-Chrome Therapy, Syntonics & Photodynamic Therapy. This class will explore some of these then focus on the Dinshah Color Therapy Method called Spectro-Chrome Therapy. It is easy and inexpensive and has over 50 years of research.

Learn how Light is food for the body and how you really practice Color Therapy everyday when you choose the colors of clothing you are going to wear that day. Find out what colors can boost your immune system, nudge the body into re-absorbing any calcifcations such as heal spurs back into the body, re-grow broken bone much quicker, re-grow nerve damaged through neuropathy, relieve constipation, PMS and much more!! All for use at home or in your office!!

NCTMB***Massage Therapists & Hypnotherapists – Sound Color & Light is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and National Guild of Hypnotherapists (NGH) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider


Home Light Kit
cost: $100
Kit includes clamp light, color filters, “Let There Be Light” book by Darius Dinsha


Professional Light Therapy Kit
Cost: $200
Kit includes tripod, can light, color filters, “Let There Be Light” book by Darius Dinshah