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Lynn Waldrop is the creator & founder of The Body Channel LLC as well as a Certified Therapist in Color Therapy, Sound Therapy including Cyma Therapy & Tuning Fork Therapy, and Reiki Master.  She empowers you to create and generate change in your own life & body, utilizing an array of Vibrational Healing techniques. Contact us today to begin your transformation! 

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☞ All Tuning Fork & Color Therapy classes are available as Online Webinar Classes! Just purchase class, watch and learn! Once you purchase class you will have unlimited access to your virtual class. Have questions and need answers after class?  E-mail  Learn how Vibrational Medicine can change your life!
Upcoming Classes:
♣Tuning Fork Level I Available ONLINE from your home!
In our Tuning Fork Level I classes we teach show you how to re-boot the Nervous System which science has confirmed causes the body systems to re-boot as well.  When the nervous system is stressed it can bring on such symptoms as:  pain in the body & headaches, diminished hearing, mental fogginess, mobility & flexibility decrease, erectile dysfunction, and when the body cannot go in to relaxation mode, it will not allow the body to heal itself.

♣Tuning Fork Level II Available ONLINE from your home!
In Level 2 we re-boot the Endocrine, Meridian and Organ Systems of the body.  The endocrine system uses hormones to tell the entire body what to do and when.  If it is not functioning properly the body cannot possibly be operating at peak performance and problems such as these can occur:  high blood pressure or heart rate, insomnia, pain, hypoglycemia or diabetes, thyroid problems, PMS or menopause issues, and many more.


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☻ What if you could have amazing Clarity, Memory & Focus? The Brain Blockbuster Series

☻ Negotiate with you & your body so you co-create something amazing and find the soul that compliments you both! Bringing Sexy Back – Sex & Relationship Series

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