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Lynn what a great experience, I am wondering how does it get better than this?  lol:)  Your energy was exactly what i needed, I have given away my power in this life for some reason and you embody your creative power in a way I am like Yeah I want that too..  My old story was being married 16yrs, left with no money, raising a teenager all my family in MI. My struggling is over, I am in infinite being and am going to allow how the universe will support this new expansion in all areas not judge how it comes in and receive   Try not to be the silent control bitch:) haha.

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I tried the Face Lift body process with Lynn Waldrop and it was fantastic! My face was definitely tighter and glowing when we got done! And, a cool side affect was that Lynn was talking about her “girls” being lifted as a side affect of doing the processes. I said – I would love to have that too!!! Well, the following week went to beach and my “girls” were definitely bigger!! Had to go to a larger bikini top size. A great side effect

Carol R., Roswell, GA

She facilitated Bars, Foundation, Level One and a body class for me. I’ve also enjoyed her lively interviews on Good Vibrations, her radio show, in addition to picking her brain on the Bars Business telecall. You name it. Lynn does it. Her consistent clarity, competence, and compassion keep me coming back.  She is my “go to” person for all things Access Consciousness.  Her business acumen and “go getter” attitude inspired me to start my own business and become an Access Consciousness facilitator. She has also offered camaraderie and opened her home to me. She personifies the Access spirit of “no competition”.  So how does it get any better than that?

Sally N., Chattanooga, TN

I’ve been blown away by the quality of the new Sex and Relationship Body Process series Lynn facilitates on Tuesday evenings. The body work provides physical soothing as she provides mental and emotional clearings/healing. The combo is potent. Her easy manner and the informality and open-endedness of the class provides an opportunity to work on both personal as well as shared concerns.

Cathleen M., Smyrna, GA

Took the Bars class yesterday with Lynn. What a great experience. I love having another tool for the tool box, and Lynn is such a dynamic and knowledgeable facilitator.

Allison L., Franklin, TN

I just finished a Weight Loss Body Process series with Lynn, and the results have been amazing for me! I have learned so much about myself and how I process, create, and yes…block my own good. This class has really opened up my life and shifted the energy dramatically, especially in my business!

Jeri L., Sandy Springs, GA


The facelift felt invigorating and energizing – no pain and certainly no down time. The results were amazing and remain so. I first noticed the elimination of the wrinkles around my eyes. Then, the overall tightness and tautness of my skin of my face and neck. Lynn truly has magical hands!

Louise F., Marietta, GA

How lucky was I to be able to host and attend Richmond’s first F/L1 classes with Lynn Waldrop? It was transformational beyond my expectations…Lynn’s awareness and attention provided a level of immediacy, and personally directed clearings that were unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 3 other times of taking these F/L1 classes! Wow- and here I was thinking that smaller would be less of a contribution to my world… (I love it when I find out what I’m unwilling to be, know, perceive and receive and shift it!)

Lynn provided such a space of allowance of where we were and an awareness of what else is possible to be invited to be. Lynn was willing to follow the conclusionary thoughts for each of us till they were unraveled!  Such an amazing gift to my life and living to choose to participate fully. And, in choosing to be more, I could release more limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions.   — what would it take for you guys to check out when she’ll be in the area again so you can experience it for yourselves?

Mary M., Richmond, VA