Tuning Fork Certification Program

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Tuning Fork Therapy is a form of sound therapy and is like “laser energy surgery”. The tuning fork is simply responding to the electro-chemical cellular reactions that your body gives off and if there is a blockage, the fork will clunk and if there is no blockage present the fork will sing its beautiful tone. This allows us to go deep into an issue to the point of origin and release it from the body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…)

Learn how to use sound to heal your world. Find blockages (physical  and emotional) in the body and release them. Let the forks talk to you  and guide you through a healing process for you or a client.

All classes are available as an Online Video Class! Just purchase class, watch and learn! Don’t want to order forks now? No problem!  Once you purchase class you will have unlimited access to your virtual class. Have questions and need answers after class? Learn how Tuning Forks can change your life!

Tuning Fork Certification: Level I
Cost: $250
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Learn to read the Body Field & be a Medical Intuitive
Learn to Re-Boot the Nervous System
Tuning Fork Certification :Level II
Cost: $250
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Learn to Re-Boot the Endocrine System
Learn to Re-Boot the Meridian System
Learn to Re-Boot the Organs
Tuning Fork Certification Level III
Cost: $400
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Learn to use use the Solfeggio forks like laser surgery pulling out emotional issues